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Natural Balance

Natural Balance Happy Camper 60vgc

Natural Balance Happy Camper 60vgc

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Good Mood Fuel
For centuries, ingredients like Kava Kava, Gotu Kola and Passion Flower have been used for healthy mood support. Happy Camper features a carefully-blended formula of traditional ingredients like these and others to help you feel your best even when your life is moving quickly.

Traditional Ingredients: The proprietary blend of ingredients in Happy Camper is full of herbal remedies trusted by cultures all over the world to provide healthy mood support.
Feel-Good Support Formula: Each of the ingredients in Happy Camper is thought to help support a different aspect of your mood so you can enjoy an overall sense of wellbeing.
A Slice of Paradise: Travelers to the Fiji Islands were once offered a Kava Kava brew upon arrival to inspire relaxation and lift their spirits; Happy Camper may help you feel like you’re in paradise, too.

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