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Natural Balance

Natural Balance Saffron Extract 100mg 30vgc

Natural Balance Saffron Extract 100mg 30vgc

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Saffron, also known as Crocus Sativa, is a perennial flowering plant from the Iris (Iridacae) family. It is a popular spice widely used in Mediterranean diets, and has had many medicinal uses throughout history.

Craving Control: Cutting back doesn't have to feel like missing out. The simple, effective Saffron Extract benefits may help you keep you in control of your cravings.
Traditionally Used: With medicinal uses throughout history Saffron is thought to help with weight management by curbing appetite and cutting cravings.
Vegan and Plant Based: The Saffron Extract formula is plant-based and vegan friendly, making it suitable for anyone wanting to take control of their appetite and cravings regardless of dietary needs.

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